Tillie turns 21 – Celebrating staff development

Last week, our very own Tillie Woolliscroft turned 21 years old. Never ones to shy away from an opportunity to celebrate our team, we wanted to take the chance to have a look over Tillie’s professional development as a member of our team, especially with Tillie having built up a number of achievements over the last 5 years.

Tillie began working at MVIS as an apprentice back in 2016 aged only 16, working under the supervision of Dom Bridge as a Customer Service and Operations apprentice. During this time, Tillie gained a deep appreciation of the way we work with customers.

She also learned a lot about the whole company in general. Due to the nature of the role, Tillie was required to have a good understanding of how departments work alongside each other, giving her a fantastic opportunity to get to know everyone, from those working with her in the office to the delivery drivers out on the road.

As a result of the great work she accomplished in this role, Tillie was the well-deserved winner of the Intermediate Apprentice of the Year award at Learning Unlimited’s Apprentice Awards in Nov 2018.

At the time, then General Manager, now Commercial and Operations Director at MVIS, Anne Ashman, commented, “Tillie is witty, funny and extremely organised; she gives the office the pazazz it was missing. Her role is not only filled with organising deliveries all over the UK, but she also finds time to produce some fantastic images for the company website and social media pages and is raising the profile of the company branding.”

Over the years, Tillie also took on the role of making our more creative and fun campaigns a reality, especially around Christmas time. Projects such as ‘Sign on the Line’, ‘Bertie the Beavertail’ and ‘What Christmas Means to Me’ really highlighted just how naturally artistic she was, as well as showing her keen interest in this type of work.

It was her affinity for the more creative tasks that gave Anne the idea to transition Tillie into a role that made more use of these skills. Whilst Tillie’s customer service skills were impeccable, it was understood that her professional development would be better channeled – and challenged – in a role that brought her artistic flair to the surface in a more ‘hands-on’ way.

Around the same time, MVIS were undergoing its own internal transition anyway, moving away from agency marketing management to an internal marketing team, bringing our marketing operations on-site.

In doing this, the newly appointed marketing team would be working alongside the heart and soul of the business, allowing them to understand the company’s needs almost as second nature without it taking as much time and coordination as it would to bring a third party up to this level of understanding.

This brief fitted Tillie’s involvement in the company perfectly, so it was decided that she would transition into the Marketing department as Marketing Assistant. Working under the guidance and training of then newly appointed Marketing Manager, Sean Brown, Tillie’s professional development would take a high priority in order to better utilise the obvious creative talent she has.

Since then, her professional development has skyrocketed.

Through a lot of dedication and hard work, Tillie has taken on entirely new skill sets, honing her talents in a way that her previous role only facilitated in a limited capacity.

Working in a marketing role has allowed Tillie to not only become competent in design packages such as the Adobe suite, but she has also expanded her knowledge and experience of other marketing disciplines such as web design, SEO, social media and even copy writing, making her a versatile member of staff.

Sean comments, “Tillie is a highly enthusiastic and dependable member of the team. She never backs down from a challenge, often exceeds expectations and is most certainly a team player. Working with her is a genuine joy and on a personal level, she never fails to brighten my day. It’s been fantastic to see how much she’s achieved since I started working with her and I’m looking forward to seeing what else she is capable of as we continue our training.”

Anne adds, “In the time Tillie has been with us, I have seen her grow from a shy and reserved 16-year-old into a strong and independent 21 year old, who now has her own home and 2 lovely dogs. The whole management team are incredibly proud to have Tillie as part of the MVIS family, most of all those who work closely with her.”

Not letting COVID get in the way of the celebrations, MVIS hosted a virtual 21st birthday party for Tillie run over Zoom, where we played online party games with a fancy-dress theme. This came hot on the heels of a socially distanced surprise ‘present drop’ from members of our team who delivered her presents, balloons and homemade cake right to her door so she could still have the full MVIS birthday experience.

Everyone at MVIS wishes Tillie a very happy 21st birthday!