“You offered an outstanding service this weekend. Thank you.”

Costain Logistics Manager

“A huge thank you to the MVIS team for their assistance with the sighting of their road signs during The Victorian Matlock Christmas Weekend and Market – one of the East Midlands’ largest Christmas events. These signs allow us to alert traffic in advance of Santa’s Street parade and possible delays due to traffic build up.”

Victorian Matlock Christmas Weekend

“MVIS provides excellent services for businesses looking to reach their target audiences. It’s not just about their business strategy – their support team is very helpful too. We had great success in recruiting for our restaurant using their services, and their constant support and help with advertisement got the job done very fast.”

The Maazi Indian Restaurant

“I would just like to thank the team at MVIS – especially Darren – for their prompt response to repair a VMS. Thanks to the fast response, the VMS went on hire that day and our customer was not let down.”

SRL Traffic Systems Ltd

“We used MVIS for the first time in July for one of our events. I found the booking process very easy and all the staff were extremely helpful. The system worked well for us as it deterred visitors who were unfamiliar with our area from going down a restricted road.

The team who delivered and picked up the system were also very helpful and flexible. As the system worked so well we did not hesitate in booking it again for our forthcoming events.”

Nottingham Trent University

“MVIS was able to quickly supply the large quantity of VMS required, and the signs were brand new and to EU standard. Indeed all the products were, in our opinion, the best on the market.”

Morgan Sindall

“No infrastructure development initiative of this scale will be without any disruption, but we’re pleased to say that so far, not only have we received relatively few calls from road users, but we’ve had some extremely positive feedback from people about the effectiveness of the system.”

Nottingham City Council

“Not only did MVIS’ VMS facilitate a rapid message change in response to the quickly changing traffic situation, but the high visibility of the three colour pictograms engendered an instant motorist reaction, promoting the safety of road workers, police and motorists alike.”


“The visual impact of colour on these signs has had an immediate positive effect on traffic flow…they have proved invaluable in minimising disruption.”

BAA, Heathrow Airport

“Having our logo and a promotional message displayed in exactly the right colours on a message board of this size was great. I can say with complete certainty that people came to our stand and made purchases who would not have done. Great visual impact!”

Owner, Torne Valley Farm & Country Stores

“MVIS takes a similar approach to our own: the customer is king and everything else follows from that. Their commercial awareness is a real advantage; they understand the pressures our customers face and move heaven and earth to support us.”

Alison Spooner, Commercial Manager at SRL Traffic Solutions

“I would like to thank you for the work you did in the planning and delivery of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Without doubt, your support was critical to our operation. It commenced well in advance of the games and was very responsive, available at short notice and at all hours. It helped ensure the operation of the Games Lanes was effective, thus directly benefiting the games vehicle fleets and helping us to keep London moving.”

Transport for London