MVIS 2019 Christmas Calendar

Check back every day throughout December to see a new update on the MVIS and Bartco UK 2019 Christmas Calendar! 

Day 5 - What Christmas Means to George

“Christmas is a great chance for me to relax and energise for the year ahead!”

Day 4 - What Christmas Means to Mizzy

“As much as I enjoy the family time, Christmas for me is a time to reflect, refresh and reboot.
I reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.
I refresh by going to the spa which has also become our little family tradition.
I reboot by reviewing my personal/family goals for the upcoming months/year.

Day 3 - What Christmas Means to Tim

“Spending time with family, eating and drinking  – that’s what Christmas means to me!”

Day 2 - What Christmas Means to Sean

“For me, Christmas has always been about family and fun. I take the opportunity to do things that I don’t usually get time to do with those I care about, such as playing awesome board games or working on fun projects that seem to build up over the year.”

Day 1 - What Christmas Means to Dom

“I like to relax at Christmas and spend time with family. Food, drink and lots of laughs is what Christmas means to me.”