Team Members

Sean Brown

Marketing Manager

Specialising in digital marketing infrastructure for over 6 years, Sean is well equipped to handle the task set before him. In an assured move of growth, MVIS took Sean on towards the end of 2019 to manage the company’s move from agency marketing to run the in-house marketing department, training and working along side newly promoted Marketing Assistant, Tillie.

Sean has a strong and diverse career in the field of marketing; working for a range of both B2C and B2B businesses has furnished him with a variety of career achievements and skills. With a proven track record of success, Sean is ambitious and driven. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family and watch what he specifies as ‘great TV’. Inspired by a constant supply of green tea and problems to solve, Sean has a deep passion for what he does, so often holds himself to higher standards than what are expected of him, which can be both his greatest gift and his biggest struggle.

An Interview with Sean

What led you to a job at MVIS?
My interest in technology, self-sufficiency and social infrastructure made MVIS a very attractive company to work for. The Solar IP really spoke to me as a solution and working with a company that contributes to highway safety in such a visible way is a real privilege.

What’s your favourite thing about the job?
Whilst I do like to be artistic and creative by nature, nothing beats the feeling you get when watching a company’s rankings improve as a result of SEO work you have done.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever had? 
“Be excellent to each other.”

What are your biggest professional challenges?
The biggest challenge I face in marketing is staying up to date with the ever-changing digital landscape. We have seen very fast changes in the way technology impacts our day to day life and already during my career, the scope of how this affects marketing has transformed entirely. Whilst I hope marketing is safe from developments in automation for now, AI is only around the corner and you never know what could happen! 

Sean Brown