Lightweight & Portable: HD Compact VMS transforming work zone safety

A ground-breaking development. A true first. Pioneering for the sector.

All statements that can be made about the MVIS HD Compact VMS. With work zone safety of paramount importance, the MVIS team developed this minimal footprint, extremely lightweight VMS unit that first saw action on our road network in 2016.

In keeping with the company ethos, the initial unit has been further developed, refined and improved, with the HD Compact v2 showcasing the very latest in work zone safety capability.

MVIS’ HD Compact was the first of its kind, designed for use within work zones in order to improve safety and to communicate information to the public.

The unit’s small footprint and adjustable height makes it highly versatile. Additionally, the display content can be updated remotely. With hidden cabling, the unit is secured against vandalism or accidental damage and benefits from the data collection radar integrated in all of MVIS’ signs.

The unit itself weighs below 10kg, making it perfect for fast deployment and manoeuvrability on site. Extremely portable, the manoeuvrability aspect of the HD Compact is unrivalled, with no other unit providing the same level of adaptability – even in rapidly changing circumstances.

Additionally, the HD Compact v2 can be installed on existing street furniture, as well on its own battery box and post – further versatility for this industry leading innovation.


Not stopping with its level of adaptability physically, the nature of the entire functionality makes this the most versatile unit on the market.

Power can be provided via mains, battery or solar, and the capability of the HD Compact v2 means deployment of this lightweight unit is equally as effective as either a temporary or permanent solution on urban highways and roads, or within larger highways schemes for on-site safety messaging.

The smaller footprint of the unit makes it the perfect choice for limited space schemes and environments, bringing safety on site to roadworkers due to limited encroachment into workspace.

Versatility in Messaging

The display messaging of the unit continues to deliver in terms of rapid response, as well as versatility. Controlled from the MVIS WebStudio, displays can be instantly changed via browser or mobile device according to requirements surrounding the unit. Furthermore, whether it’s safety messaging, speed alerts or general public notifications – the HD Compact v2 ticks all the boxes.

The LED display continues to showcase MVIS’ dedication to sustainability and the display offers both red and white colours for messaging.

Cost Effectiveness

Fully equipped with radar and data collection capability, the HD Compact v2 is an incredible low-cost alternative to many data collection solutions on the market, offering a data source for the analysis of traffic trends and enabling greater intelligence for planning projects of all kinds.