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Hire VMS-C

Hire mobile colour VMS-C from MVIS for use on all roads – particularly where speeds are greater than 60mph. Versatile, easy to set up and operate and with a fully autonomous solar charging system, the portable VMS-C will operate continually under recommended operating conditions.

VMS-C has a single plug and play controller that houses its leading technology offering a range of features and functions not available from any other mobile VMS. Programming is via SMS, direct serial connection, Wi-Fi enabled Apple app or through our live web-based interface.

Available for hire throughout the UK, the mobile VMS-C offers impact, choice and the flexibility to use red, green, blue and white as well as standard amber. All LED modules can be interchanged quickly and easily.

Key Features

  • Full graphics and pictograms
  • Non-glare, UV resistant polycarbonate
  • Speed radar device – can display and log vehicle speeds
  • Security features – satellite tracking
  • Highest quality LEDs
  • Solar powered / environmentally friendly
  • Plug and play controller and LED modules
  • Programming options – laptop on site, SMS, internet or Apple App
  • Windows-based software

Technical Specifications


  • Overall Length: 4050mm
  • Travel position: width 1980mm, height 2680mm
  • Operating position: 2730mm (width), 4030mm (max height)
  • Weight: 840kg
  • Tyre: 185 x 75 x 14
  • Coupling: 40mm towing eye / quick release, 50mm ball


  • Display Type: LED full matrix
  • Display Size: 2730mm x 1850mm
  • Display Viewing Area: 2420 x 1590mm
  • Communication: SMS, internet, satellite, web based, serial
  • Matrix: 48 x 28
  • Enclosure: Aluminium IP54 equivalent
  • Screen: Non-glare UV polycarbonate
  • Brightness Control: Automatic and manual
  • Display Lifting: Hydraulic lift system


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Solar Panels: 2 x solar panels
  • Batteries: 3 x 12V deep cycle, 200A
  • Solar Controller: Sun saver SS 20L
  • Operation on batteries / solar: Indefinite under recommended conditions