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Hire VMS-A

Hire mobile colour VMS-A for inner city and urban works or for roads with speed zones up to 50mph. With a caravan style support stand for a secure footprint, the highly portable VMS-A although small in size offers a wealth of technology including; single plug and play control module, autonomous solar charging system and a high, bright, low power consuming LED display.

The VMS-A can be used as a stand-alone temporary VMS or in conjunction with radar to display: a message; a message and the motorists speed; speed only; and/or a ‘too high’ and ‘too fast’ message.

The VMS-A is versatile, easy to set up and operate, reliable under all conditions and offers impact, choice and the flexibility to use red, green, blue and white as well as standard amber.

Hire mobile VMS-A with a radar unit for the perfect data collection and speed enforcement unit.

Key Features

  • Full graphics and pictograms
  • Non-glare, UV resistant polycarbonate screen
  • Speed radar device 
  • Security features – GPS tracked and padlock covers
  • Highest quality LEDs
  • Solar powered / environmentally friendly
  • Programming options – laptop on site, modem, SMS or internet
  • Windows-based software

Technical Specifications


  • Overall length: 2420mm (1620mm with towing tongue removed)
  • Width (travel position): 1620mm – 1595mm
  • Width (operating position): 1620mm
  • Height (travel position): 2045mm
  • Height (max operating position): 3200mm
  • Weight: 580kg
  • Coupling: 40mm towing eye / quick release, 50mm ball


  • Display Type: LED full matrix
  • Display Size: 1610mm x 1040mm
  • Communication: SMS, internet, satellite, web based, serial, app
  • Matrix: 48 x 28
  • Screen: Non-glare, UV resistant polycarbonate
  • Brightness Control: Automatic or manual


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Solar Panels: 2 x solar panels 
  • Operation on batteries / solar: Indefinite under recommended conditions