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event traffic management for Olympics 2012MVIS products are used all around the country, bringing our unique and specialist range of ITS solutions to events management and event traffic management companies nationwide. Designed to both overcome challenges and make the most out of opportunities that events can present, MVIS offer solar powered solutions that can help your event be safer and more efficiently run.

Working well together to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions that don’t require any civils, external power or communications sources, our products have been tried and tested on some of the biggest events this country has ever seen, such as the 2012 Olympics, Brighton Pride, V Festival, Silverstone,  and The Grand National, with a proven track record of effective deployment and success. In this post, we will take a look at what makes MVIS and our solutions integral for managing your event, keeping drivers, pedestrians and visitors safe and informed.

Products & Solutions


Our range of VMS (Variable Message Signs) are ideal for event management applications. With a small and secure footprint, our temporary VMS products, in particular our VMS-A and our HD Compact VMS, are ideal for events, helping to keep space allocated appropriately for other important requirements venues may need.

One of the biggest advantages we have with our VMS is the fact that they are solar powered, offering a fully autonomous solar charging system that delivers a high quality, bright and low power consuming LED display that costs nothing to run in energy. The use of solar power makes this product environmentally friendly and reduces the need for messy and hazardous external cabling, making the units highly portable.

vms for events traffic management

Our VMS are commonly used at events with high footfall, helping to direct traffic and keep your visitors informed, however, for more specialist event traffic management needs, our VMS can also be used in conjunction with our radar to display speed reactive messages such as ‘TOO FAST’ to drivers who are exceeding the speed limit, helping to keep your visitors safe from speed related risks on the way to your event or even in the car park itself.

Temporary VMS products aren’t just great for event traffic management on the day either. Many happy clients have used our VMS in the lead up to events, helping to advertise and warn drivers of the potential of delays or congestion as a result of the event. A perfect ideal for both smaller and larger events, this useful solution helps to raise awareness of the event itself often to a highly targeted, highly relevant local audience as well as helping to mitigate risks of frustration or incidents, which is an advised action to take prior to an event that may be disruptive to local traffic.

Additionally, our VMS are easy to set up and operate, offering an event traffic management solution that is reliable under any British weather conditions and has the flexibility to display red, green, blue, white and amber colours. Supporting full graphics and pictograms, our VMS are great for traffic and crowd management use alike. For more specific graphic needs, we also offer our HD VMS-A, which features all the benefits of our standard VMS-A, plus a high definition 70 x 42-pixel dual colour matrix, allowing for the display of more intricate images than our standard model.

However, for needs where space may be limited, MVIS also offer an HD VMS that is much smaller than even the VMS-A. The HD Compact VMS delivers an HD red and white dual colour display with a small foot print and adjustable height. As if this solution wasn’t versatile enough, its power supply can be drawn from battery, solar or mains, making it ideal for fixed, permanent applications as well as temporary ones. This VMS unit is often the message sign of choice for small events and speed reactive messages due to its low power consumption, versatility and portability.

Important for particularly lengthy deployments such as events that span over a longer period of time, our dedicated team (who closely monitor all of our units via a range of methods) take care in ensuring that batteries are charged and all VMS are operational, going out on site to perform battery changes or check on our unit if something goes wrong.

As one of our leading product ranges, you can be sure that our VMS solutions are a safe and stable solution for your event management needs. From communicating information to directing footfall, if you, like many others, think that a temporary VMS from MVIS could help your event management requirements, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Solar Intelligent Platform (Solar IP)

Our Solar IP is available for hire along with a wide range of our products, offering a flexible and responsive approach to event  traffic management requirements. As a simple and cost-effective power solution, deployment of the Solar IP delivers an integrated intelligent transport system that meets specific needs for any combination of our ANPR, CCTV or radar. Including a 12V, 24V or 48V battery, our Solar IP boasts the latest solar charging system and is not dependant on an external energy supply, making it environmentally friendly.

Serving as one of our most innovative and ground-breaking products, the Solar IP is an ideal power source for temporary ITS solutions that have proven their value to countless numbers of happy clients.

Portable CCTV

Our trailer mounted portable CCTV units come complete with our Solar IP, making this product environmentally friendly as well as portable and versatile. Ideal for event management applications, this product excels where monitoring and safety are of critical importance.

Ideal for festivals, stadium events, and country shows, our Portable CCTV provides you with fast, high impact communications that help you to ensure that event managers can communicate information effectively and respond to event changes in an instant.

This solar powered CCTV solution features Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) and incorporates the latest video technology that delivers excellent frame rates, even in poor signal areas. With a flat, toughened glass window, our easy to operate portable CCTV is protected to IP67, making it reliable under all conditions.

For more information about how MVIS can help with your event traffic management needs, please call us on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team, or you can email us via