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MVIS products are used all around the country, bringing our unique and specialist range of ITS solutions to events management and event traffic management companies nationwide. 

Working well together to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions that don’t require any civils, external power or communications sources, our products have been tried and tested on some of the biggest events in this country, such as the 2012 Olympics, Brighton Pride, V Festival, Silverstone and The Grand National.

In this post, we will take a look at what makes MVIS and our solutions integral for managing your event; keeping drivers, pedestrians and visitors safe and informed.

Products & Solutions


Our range of portable VMS (Variable Message Signs) is ideal for event management applications. With a small and secure footprint, our temporary VMS products, in particular our VMS-A and our HD Compact VMS, are ideal for events, helping to keep space allocated appropriately for other important requirements venues may need.

One of the biggest advantages we have with our VMS is the fact that they are solar powered, offering a fully autonomous solar charging system that delivers a high quality, bright and low power consuming LED display that costs nothing to run in energy. The use of solar power makes this product environmentally friendly and reduces the need for messy and hazardous external cabling, making the units highly portable.

Many happy clients have used our VMS in the lead up to events, helping to advertise and warn drivers of the potential delays or congestion as a result of the event. A perfect ideal for both smaller and larger events, this useful solution helps to raise awareness of the event itself often to a highly targeted, highly relevant local audience as well as helping to mitigate risks of frustration or incidents, which is an advised action to take prior to an event that may be disruptive to local traffic.

Additionally, our VMS are easy to set up and operate, offering an event traffic management solution that is reliable under any British weather conditions and has the flexibility to display red, green, blue, white and amber colours. Supporting full graphics and pictograms, our VMS are great for traffic and crowd management use alike. For more specific graphic needs, we also offer our HD VMS-A, which features all the benefits of our standard VMS-A, plus a high definition 70 x 42-pixel dual colour matrix, allowing for the display of more intricate images than our standard model.

However, for needs where space may be limited, MVIS also offer an HD VMS that is much smaller than even the VMS-A. The HD Compact VMS delivers an HD red and white dual colour display with a small footprint and adjustable height. As if this solution wasn’t versatile enough, its power supply can be drawn from the battery, solar or mains, making it ideal for fixed, permanent applications as well as temporary ones. This VMS unit is often the message sign of choice for small events and speed reactive messages due to its low power consumption, versatility and portability.

Solar Intelligent Platform (Solar IP)

Our Solar IP is available for hire along with a wide range of our products, offering a flexible and responsive approach to event traffic management requirements. As a simple and cost-effective power solution, deployment of the Solar IP delivers an integrated intelligent transport system that meets specific needs for any combination of our ANPR, CCTV or radar. Including a 12V, 24V or 48V battery, our Solar IP boasts the latest solar charging system and is not dependent on an external energy supply, making it environmentally friendly.

Serving as one of our most innovative and ground-breaking products, the Solar IP is an ideal power source for temporary ITS solutions that have proven their value to countless numbers of happy clients. 

Portable CCTV

Our trailer mounted Portable CCTV units come complete with our Solar IP, making this product environmentally friendly as well as portable and versatile. Ideal for event management applications, this product excels where monitoring and safety are of critical importance. Ideal for festivals, stadium events, and country shows, our Portable CCTV provides you with fast, high impact surveillance that helps to ensure that event managers respond to event changes in an instant.

This solar powered CCTV solution features Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) and incorporates the latest video technology that delivers excellent frame rates, even in poor signal areas. With a flat, toughened glass window, our easy to operate portable CCTV is protected to IP67, making it reliable under all conditions.


MVIS’ Portable CCTV VMS Solution discreetly integrates a CCTV camera with our VMS-A, allowing you to have eyes on the ground without having to be physically present on-site, creating a surveillance and feedback solution that can be used to monitor and respond to situations quickly. It features a 1080p full HD, starlight night vision, and IP65 weatherproof camera. 

Integrating CCTV with our VMS allows you to have eyes on the ground without having to be physically present. The visible presence of CCTV is well known to influence behaviour and help enforce rules. The combination of these technologies makes the Portable CCTV VMS Solution ideal for security, queue management, venue safety and wayfinding. 

Compact Environmental Sensor

Our Compact Environmental Sensor integrates our solar powered ‘Compact’ base with an ITS Environmental Sensor, offering clients the ability to monitor the external environment, producing a wide range of air pollution data that can be used to inform and direct on issues of air pollution safety.

This solution is a low-cost system that offers the ability to build a high-density ambient air quality monitoring network that records data in real-time. With low power demands, this unit can be powered by our ‘Compact’ solar powered base for air quality monitoring in applications where space is limited. 

Having an air quality sensor to monitor emissions is ideal for the events industry as it can help event management companies choose the right location for their event and provide additional health and safety to staff and event-goers. They can also measure the environmental impact of an event and use that data in any way they see fit. This data could highlight the areas that need improvement, which could help to reduce emissions for future events. 

Environmental Sensor

The ITS Integrated Environmental Sensor can be combined with any of our ITS solutions to offer clients the ability to monitor the external environment, producing a wide range of air pollution data that can be used to inform and direct on issues of air pollution safety. This solution is a low-cost system that offers the ability to build a high-density ambient air quality monitoring network that records data in real-time.

Integrating this sensor with any of our ITS solutions allows us to offer clients effective, multi-functional units that bring not just the benefits of the sensors themselves to portable applications, but also all the functionality of the products they are integrated with. 

For more information about how MVIS can help with your event traffic management needs, please call us on 01629 580 570 to speak to one of our friendly team, or you can email us via

Highways UK 2021 Review

Last year, due to the COVID19 pandemic, Highways UK was forced to move to an exclusively online platform, preventing the usual face to face networking that we have all become accustomed to at trade shows.

As the first year back at face to face events, Highways UK 2021 took off with a fantastic start. The MVIS team were out in full force with new and familiar faces at the event, offering experience to new members of the team in a true Highways UK way.

The event was a great success, with many people dropping by the stand to enquire about our solutions and say hi to our friendly team both in person and via the Swapcard app for the event. For the first time, Highways UK this year combined the best of the physical event and the digital platform we were introduced to last year due to the pandemic.

But it wasn’t just Highways UK who were innovating this year.

This year we also trialed a new QR code system that helped to reduce the number of physical product information packs we hand out, instead sending customers a convenient email with the product sheets attached upon scanning a QR code and inputting their email address.

We also saw a record number of merchandise bags handed out this year, with hundreds of people walking around the NEC over the 2-day event proudly displaying an MVIS bag for life, filled with helpful and environmentally friendly goodies that people couldn’t wait to get their hands on.

Anne Ashman, UK Group Commercial and Operations Director commented, “Highways UK is the biggest trade show of the year and after the restrictions we all faced last year, it’s so great to see everyone out in force this year. This has been one of the busiest trade shows we’ve ever seen and we are very pleased to have been a part of it. We are looking forward to next year and hope to see just as many faces at the event in 2022, which we have already booked in a similar location!”

Mark Ashbee, London Depot Manager added, “Having helped set up for many events during my time at MVIS, it’s been fantastic to see the other side of things and attend this year in my new role as London Depot Manager. It’s been a very different kind of work to what I am used to, but it’s been a rewarding experience that has helped me get to know our customers better, as well as learn more about what the office team have to do to make these events a success.”

The whole MVIS Highways UK 2021 team wanted to wish everyone who stopped by a big thank you. We look forward to seeing you all next year! 


Visit the MVIS Highways UK Team 2021 on Stand H72

Each year, the Highways UK event offers the opportunity to network with others in the industry, allowing companies to show their latest products or solutions and to explore other innovations the market.

This year, MVIS will be attending in force, with not only familiar faces, but also new ones to our company and to Highways UK that reflect the internal changes we have seen due to growth since the last physical Highways event in 2019.

If you are attending, you are very welcome to come by stand H72 to say hi to our friendly team and ask them any questions you may have.

This is who you can expect to be greeted by –

Anne Ashman– UK Group Commercial and Operations Director

As the central nexus of the MVIS machine, Anne Ashman will be attending to welcome visitors to our stand. With over 10 years industry experience, there isn’t much Anne hasn’t seen in her role with the company and this is reflected in her dynamism and passion for customer service.

As this year will be the first Highways UK show for some of our team, Anne’s presence will be a good way for new members of the team to meet familiar industry faces to the company.


Juliette Wright – Sales

Starting with MVIS back in January 2021, Juliette has experienced quite a lot in the time she has been working with us, being quite an unusual year thanks to the COVID19 pandemic.

Working in the front line of sales, Juliette is well adept at welcoming customers to MVIS, our services and of course, our platinum customer service. Juliette embodies the very core of the MVIS Platinum Service Promise and as a result, she will provide a friendly face for any visitor to our stand at Highways UK this year.

Mark Ashbee – London Depot Manager

Mark has been with MVIS since 2015 and ever since, he has proven himself time and time again to uphold the MVIS values of service and quality. Mark has a great attitude that exemplifies the kind of approach to our customers that we hold so important.

Mark has recently been promoted to London Depot Manager, an important post within the company that ensures the smooth running of one of our key depots in the UK.

With his friendly smile and can-do attitude, Mark will be on-hand to greet visitors to our stand with the same level of enthusiasm he gives to his day to day tasks.

Dom Bridge – Operations Manager

Dom Bridge may be a familiar face to some, having attended 2 Highways UK shows in the past. Dom is a leading figure at MVIS, having been with the company since 2013 and rising from an admin apprentice role to Operations Manager, there isn’t much Dom doesn’t know about the company and our products.

As such a knowledgeable point of call within the company, Dom has extensive experience dealing with our customer’s and our team’s questions with a smile!

Dom will be available to answer any questions you may have on our stand throughout the event.


Tom Hooton – Research and Development Manager

Tom Hooton has been with the group since 2014, working for MVIS sister company, Bartco UK. Tom’s hard work and knowledge on our products has seen him rise to the well-earned position of Research and Development Manager at Bartco UK earlier this year.

Tom’s knowledge and technical capability makes him a fantastic team member to chat to for anyone who has more technical questions about our products.

As his first show as Research and Development Manager, Tom is eager to assist at Highways UK this year.


Graeme Lee- Sales Director

Not without mention, Graeme Lee, our Sales Director will also be keeping a close eye on the event app. Unable to attend this year, Graeme is in Glasgow right now on behalf of MVIS by special invitation from Balfour Beatty for the Balfour Beatty Sustainable Evolution Showcase, which is being run alongside the COP26 Climate Change Conference at the SEC, also in Glasgow.

Graeme’s presence at the Balfour Beatty Sustainable Evolution Showcase is important, not just for the networking opportunity, but also to demonstrate the priority we place on sustainability and the environment, which is also backed up with our ISO in environmental management (14001:2015). 

With this year’s Highways UK event being face to face with a digital component that has been brought over from Highways UK 2020 during the global pandemic, we are all able to benefit from the digital platform they have provided, which makes it possible for those who are unable to attend to still take part in some capacity.

Whilst Graeme will have his hands full at certain times, you are still welcome to send him a meeting request via the Highways UK app to catch up or to ask him any questions you may have. He will attempt to make the meeting or reschedule to a time he is available via a range of methods such as Teams, Zoom or just a regular phone call.

Helping the environment at Highways UK

Highways UK is one of the biggest trade shows in the highways industry, serving as an opportunity for those in the industry to network, share news and celebrate innovations that help to make the UK’s road network safer for everyone.

Last year, COVID put huge restrictions on what we could do with regards to events, pushing Highways UK to a digital platform that offered new opportunities to participants, but also felt the effects of physical isolation that the majority of 2020 brought to all of us.

However, as we learn to better deal with COVID as a society, 2021 brings even more exciting opportunities by being able to combine the best of the physical event and digital event, allowing those who are isolating or unable to attend to still take part in many aspects of the event from the comfort of their own home.

It’s not just Highways UK who are innovating too. In recent months, MVIS have been working on a new way to inform our customers about our products and solutions that breaks away from the conventional presentation folder and spec sheets, which cumulatively will have a marked impact on the environment, an impact that if we can avoid, we should.

Enter our new QR code system.

Using QR codes, visitors to our stand can now easily request an email to be sent to them automatically after scanning the code and visiting our website. A popup box appears requesting an email address, which, when filled in, triggers the email to be sent to the customer within minutes with the required spec sheets attached.

This system is an innovation that we have already seen the benefits of. As we move towards our goal of carbon neutrality, it brings us more in line with our own expectations and helps to modernise the way we inform our customers.

The paper, ink and the potential waste that is involved in the production and distribution of our information packs, has, over the years, undeniably left its mark on the environment. However, as with many things, technology has assisted us in helping to address this issue. As a result, even the fuel needed to transport the weight of our packs won’t be used, instead being swapped for a cutting-edge digital system that is both easy and convenient to use.

Attending on stand H72 on 3-4th November, visitors can drop by to see the system in action, along with exciting new innovations from us such as the ITS Integrated Environmental Sensor.

This year’s event promises to be eventful, as the first physical Highways UK since before the global COVID pandemic began. With the industry ready to go, we are very excited to take part and look forward to seeing you all there!

Book tickets here.

MVIS networks at Forest Innovation Week 2021

MVIS are proud of the relationships we have with our customers and suppliers, which is why when we were invited to the Forest Innovation Week, we were excited to take part.

Exhibiting alongside North Somerset Council, South Gloucestershire Council, Murphy, Volker Highways, Ringway and more, MVIS took its place amongst Forest’s customers and suppliers in our first face to face industry event of 2021.

Offering an opportunity for industry leaders to network, Forest hosted an event that marked the tentative beginning of our path to normality after the global pandemic. MVIS were represented by Sales Manager Ed Faulkner and Sales Director Graeme Lee, along with Bartco’s original 5-colour VMS A, an HD Compact and a Solar IP unit to demonstrate what some of our products are capable of.

During the Innovation Week, we networked with attendees and exhibitors alike, giving everyone a chance to share innovations with each other in a celebration of trusted businesses working together.

Ed Faulkner commented, “Events such as these are critical for suppliers like us who value our relationships and service so highly. We want to thank everyone at Forest for this opportunity.”

Ed added, “As my first event working with MVIS, it’s been great meeting many new faces and getting to introduce MVIS to new people in the industry in person has been a refreshing experience. We’ve had a brilliant week and I’m looking forward to many more as the world begins to move again.”

We are all looking forward to more events as they occur for what is left of 2021 and into 2022, giving us opportunities to build connections, share our developments and get customer feedback.

For more information about MVIS and our ITS rental services, please contact us via our contact form.

Alternatively, you can email us via or call to speak to one of our friendly team on 01629 580 570.

MVIS Prepares for Traffex 2021

After a hard year for the events industry, everyone is eager to get back to an element of ‘normal’ both in business and in our personal lives. However, in the short term at least, we still have to make allowances for the damage the pandemic has done when it comes to trade shows and other large-scale events.

One of the biggest adjustments affecting us has been seen with the temporary move of the industry trade show Traffex from a live event to a digital event, which involves exhibitors and attendees meeting on a digital platform rather than face to face. In line with the social distancing rules in place, the organisers of Traffex made this decision to push forward with a digital event rather than delay or cancel the event with the absence of a show last year.

Many people within the industry are very excited to take part in the virtual event, marking a commitment to virtual shows as we become accustomed the new, albeit temporary way of doing things.

Traffex has traditionally been a fantastic opportunity for networking and to catch up within the industry. With high quality guest speakers and a diverse range of attendees, Traffex delivers a show that connects people from all over the sector.

For 35 years Traffex has been the largest dedicated traffic and transport event in the UK, connecting forward thinking innovators with central government, local authorities and the private sector and this year promises to be no different.

Stated on their website, the Traffex organisers state, “Our state-of-the-art virtual event platform will bring Traffex Parkex to you, wherever you are in the UK and the wider world. […] Complete with a fantastic line-up of seminars in the conference and of course a great selection of exhibitors keen to share the latest products and technology from the sector, Traffex Parkex 2021 is back.”

Graeme Lee, Sales Director at MVIS comments “We are all eager to get back to the way things were but in the meantime, we need to find solutions around the current situation. We are looking forward to Traffex Digital as a means to stay well connected and catch up with the industry as whole.

You can see our stand live on the virtual platform from the 15-17 June 2021.

Register for free on the Traffex website.



MVIS takes the road to Highways UK 2020

It’s been a difficult year for everyone in 2020 and trade shows have unquestionably been hit worse than most, forcing them all to either postpone their plans or rethink their operations.

Indeed this is the difficult decision the organisers at Highways UK had to make this year, with COVID-19 driving people apart, stuck in their homes with the idea of trade show events pre-COVID as a fond, distant memory of simpler times.

This year, Highways UK will be conducted online – a virtual trade show that brings many of the networking benefits of a trade show to a digital environment.

As we approach the event, taking place from 2 – 6 November, we eagerly anticipate the exciting new format that the organisers have put together. Comprising of virtual ‘stands’ and a busy timetable of event sessions that feature a very wide range of guest speakers and sponsors, it promises to be an interesting opportunity for all involved.

The friendly team at MVIS will be on stand-by, ready to discuss any enquiries visitors may have about our products. Highways UK this year comes hot on the heels of some big developments from MVIS, including our IVD Data Collection Radar with AGD, the publication of our Major Project Timeline and our new Portable Solar Powered Invictus CCTV.

Highways UK offers us a unique opportunity to promote these offerings and our core product range to over 3000 people who have registered to take part, along with the full library of our solution and specification sheets, ready for download.

We are very much looking forward to the virtual event, during a year that has been absent of the usual business, social and networking opportunities that as an economy we depend on.

Anne Ashman, Commercial and Operations Director for MVIS comments “We have been waiting for a virtual trade show for a very long time. With all these digital tools available to us, it was only a matter of time before trade events went online in some capacity. It’s certainly a much more environmentally friendly way forward.”

Anne continues, “However tragic the circumstances of this development, it’s important that we all make the most of the opportunity and participate with our full support, for the good of the industry.”

Our team will be ready and waiting for existing and prospective clients to field any questions throughout the event on our virtual stand

But don’t forget, before you can access this, you need to sign up for the event on Terrapin.

Once registered for your guest pass, you can find the full event on Swapcard.

Event safety made easier with MVIS

When you’re tasked with organising a large scale event, we know that there is a long list of things you need to consider. So why not depend on MVIS to help make your event planning easier.

In a recent trend report event planners surveyed highlighted event security as one of their main concerns. As one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of portable variable message signs (VMS) and Portable Solar Powered CCTV, MVIS aims to offer effective solutions to help ensure your event runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

Starting a week or so prior to your event, we deploy VMS to notify road users of the upcoming event, giving them time to find an alternative route. Not only does this reduce frustration for local traffic during the event but it also eases congestion for those attending. Pair this with CCTV and Web Studio™ and you’ll be able to monitor traffic and manage messages on multiple signs, updating them in an instant from any internet enabled device or using the Bartco Live app, as situations change.

Unsure which sign you would need? Our VMS-A is perfect for notifying road users on roads with speeds up to 50mph while our larger VMS-C is more commonly used on roads where the speed is greater than 60mph.

Whilst you’re setting up the event and have personnel and valuable equipment on-site CCTV is a natural deterrent, helping security staff to monitor the site 24 hours a day.

During the event, onsite VMS will help to communicate messages in both text and pictograms, from important safety messages and directional information to promoting sponsors logos (creating another opportunity for event revenue) to visitors. The appearance of CCTV will continue to help deter criminals, monitor visitor activity and help to direct security and medical staff to any incidents whilst also giving reassurance to visitors that their safety and security is a priority.

Both our VMS and CCTV are solar powered, easy to operate and require no external civils, so you can position them exactly where you need them. And with strategic depots located across the UK, MVIS delivers a fast, reliable service that you can depend on. Why not take the hassle out of your next event and pre-hire portable VMS and CCTV units to help take the strain prior to your event starting? And don’t just take it from us, listen to what our happy customers have to say:

“I found the booking process very easy and all the staff were extremely helpful. The system worked well for us as it deterred visitors who were unfamiliar with our area from going down a restricted road. The team who delivered and picked up the system were also very helpful and flexible. As the system worked so well we did not hesitate in booking it again for our forthcoming events.”
Nottingham Trent University

To find out more about hiring from MVIS, call us on 01629 580 570 or email

Make MVIS a fixture at your next event

With eight years’ experience of working with event managers to help accomplish successful, large scale events and shows, MVIS delivers flexible solutions that enable event managers to communicate information effectively and respond to event changes in an instant.

MVIS has provided event management technology for some of the UK’s biggest music festivals, sporting fixtures, stadium events and country shows. With strategic depots based across the UK, MVIS is perfectly placed to deliver innovative event management technology right to where you need it most.

Our portable variable message signs (VMS) are designed to communicate important information to high volumes of traffic – either vehicular or pedestrian. Fast to install and set up, these mobile units can be easily repositioned if needed, and thanks to our handy BartcoLive app, creating and changing the messages on the LED display screens has never been quicker or simpler.

MVIS has continually provided event managers with not only high-performing and high quality equipment, but with round the clock customer support too. All hire customers have access to our 24/7 support service which guarantees an initial response from our team within 4-hours. The issue will then be explored further with the customer updated on progress from there.

For more information about working with MVIS at your next event, please contact us on 01629 580 570 or at

All Eyes on CCTV: Benefits of Portable CCTV

We all know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and never has this been more appropriate than when talking about CCTV.

A second pair of eyes can be a valuable asset to any task – especially a pair that never misses a thing and is never wrong! If you’re responsible for managing large-scale events with high volumes of traffic and people, well placed CCTV can be extremely beneficial.

MVIS provides portable CCTV for hire across the UK. Ideal for road works, school zones and any event with high footfall or traffic, the system incorporates the latest video technology that enables us to balance the image quality and frame rate in order to provide the best footage even in poor signal areas – so no matter where your event is, MVIS delivers excellent coverage.

Benefits of hiring CCTV from MVIS

Monitoring Activity

Mobile CCTV can quickly and accurately keep track of real-time activity and movement within any area. Couple it with MVIS’ HD Radar to support speed detection and data collection.  The CCTV unit features a 10x optical zoom, offering the user great visual control.

Crime Deterrent

The presence of CCTV has been proven to reduce theft of, and from, vehicles. At large-scale events which see huge volumes of parked vehicles, CCTV acts as a deterrent to would-be car thieves.

Long Lasting Battery Life

All of our trailers are solar powered and come with a large battery back-up on board, enabling them to run autonomously for months at a time.

Robust and Hardworking

Our CCTV units are tried and tested, and have been put through the toughest conditions to ensure they are up to any task. Made with a flat and toughened glass window and including a built-in camera lens wiper, our units are extremely strong and durable. But just because they’re hard working, it doesn’t mean they’re hard to use – our portable CCTV are very easy to operate and reliable under all conditions.

24/7 Support

MVIS is proud of the high level of excellent customer service it provides. All hire customers can access our 24/7 support service which guarantees an initial response from our team within 4-hours, the issue will then be explored further with the customer updated on progress from there.

For more information about portable CCTV from MVIS, please contact us on 01629 580 570 or at

Make MVIS a headliner at your event

With summer well under way, and outdoor events seemingly around every corner, the safety and enjoyment of both visitors and employees is paramount to a successful event. So, whether it’s a summer festival, sporting event or even a Christmas Markets, MVIS deliver flexible solutions that allow event managers to provide information and respond to event changes effectively and in an instant.

With our innovative VMS and CCTV technology, you can provide fast, high impact communications to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your visitors.

Our Variable Message Signs (VMS) present clear information from event schedules, car parking information, safety information, road closures and opening times, as well as the ability to display pictograms useful for sponsors and advertisements. This ensures that visitors remain safe and have a positive experience of the event.

Solar-powered and portable, our VMS units avoid costly ground works and can easily be moved across sites to areas where messaging is needed most. What’s more, our VMS units can be easily updated through any Apple device, to provide real-time updates for any changes to information. 

Furthermore, our CCTV technology is an effective way for event managers and security teams to monitor crowds, assessing crowd numbers, movement and behaviour, to ensure the continued safety of attendees. CCTV enables potential problems to be identified and dealt with before they escalate.

Unlike traditional static CCTV cameras, our Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) CCTV systems uses the latest technology to enable event managers to manoeuvre the camera to focus on specific areas, and when combined with our innovative Web Studio™ technology, CCTV footage can be viewed from any laptop, tablet or smart phone, ensuring that critical safety information can be accessed by those who need it.

Looking to hire CCTV and VMS units at your event? Get in touch with our expert team today on 01629 580570 or email to find out how we can help you.

MVIS: Trusted to the extreme

When it comes to weather conditions in the UK, it’s best to ‘expect the unexpected’ and be prepared for any eventuality. Luckily MVIS’ traffic management portfolio can handle even the harshest of conditions.

Come rain or shine, the world keeps on turning and people still need to get from A-to-B – no matter what the weather. Even in the most difficult of conditions, British roads and highways still need to be in use, and more than ever, they need to make motorists aware of the dangerous conditions that they face.

Whether it’s flash flooding, snowstorms or black ice on the road, drivers face a range of challenges, which traffic authorities can communicate to them with MVIS’ hardy range of traffic management solutions.

Our solar powered variable message signs (VMS) safeguards your message, ensuring that the multi-coloured eye-catching LED screen is continually visible to motorists. And because you can instantly update the message on any given VMS screen via our innovative Web Studio™ you know you can communicate the most vital information at the touch of a button. What’s more, they’re profoundly secure too, with a satellite tracking device and SMS tamper guard, which acts as a great deterrent to would-be vandals.

MVIS’ product range can operate even in extreme temperatures. The HD Data Collection Radar is exceedingly dependable, operating in temperatures from -40°C to 74°C. This ensures you can still collect consistently accurate traffic data in high definition, with five times greater resolution than other, similar radar traffic detection devices. The state-of-the-art Vector Integrated ANPR Camera operates in temperatures from -10°C to 50°C, working automatically, auto-detecting vehicles as they pass through the field of view.

All of MVIS’ product range is highly tested, to give all our customers great peace of mind, and as a result, our customers not only trust us, they trust our products too.

To hire traffic management solutions, please call us on 01629 580 570.