Using portable Variable Message Signs to Help Keep Order as COVID Restrictions Ease

As the national lockdown eases, it is more important than ever that we all keep in mind that the restrictions that remain, do so for a good reason. After such a long time of intermittent lockdowns, it can be easy for the smallest of easing to feel like freedom. However, with many of the existing restrictions having been eased on the 12th April, just before the 2021 May Day break, Local Authorities have a responsibility in ensuring that local residents are measured in their actions and behaviour to protect those who are not fully protected from the virus yet.

Over the last year, MVIS have been at the forefront of COVID signage, from deployments in town and city centres to signposting and traffic management applications for COVID vaccine or COVID test centres, we have been supporting COVID messaging needs all over the nation throughout the pandemic.

A good reason for this is the products themselves – our portable Variable Message Signs are ideally placed for important public safety messaging at time when it has never been needed more. Available in 3 different sizes, depending on the application, with either 2 or 5 colour LED display, our portable message signs are solar powered and trailer based, making them highly versatile.

They are also easy to update quickly and remotely using a mobile device or browser through our Bartco Live App or Web Studio and updates can be made by your team or ours, allowing you to stay responsive to changes in messaging as they occur.

Another reason we have been so heavily relied upon is due to the quality of our service and our reputation. Already having a good relationship with Local Authorities, we were well known around the UK for providing a top tier, platinum service, making us the most trusted supplier of trailer based ITS technology in the industry.

With the above in mind, it seems only logical that our signs led the national effort on COVID signage and continue to do so as the restrictions ease. We also boast the largest fleet of portable Variable Message Signs in the UK as well as national coverage for quick deployment, so we are also uniquely positioned to be able to assist Local Authorities all over the UK.

For more information about our solutions or if you would like to know more about how you can use our products to help with communicating information to the general public, please contact us via our contact form.

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Taking some of the pressure off the NHS

There’s no denying that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS especially have been under a strain that no one could have anticipated.

Forcing many NHS sites to reallocate resources, change departments and even section off areas due to COVID, it is a time of major upheaval for the whole organisation. With upheaval in a service-based sector such as healthcare, there often comes the need for clear and concise messaging, demanding resources be stretched across the new requirements as well as informing patients and visitors of the new way of doing things.

 At a time when such resources are already stretched as well as when the COVID guidelines are subject to change so frequently, it is more important than ever that the NHS is properly supported with the tools needed to communicate these changes.

This is where MVIS can assist.

We offer a range of variable message signs that are ideal for this purpose, bringing a range of benefits to users that allow them to communicate the most important information to people in a clear and unmissable way.

As a result, our signs, traditionally used for road works, construction, large events and other applications, have seen a demand during the COVID pandemic that has been felt across many new businesses, stores, GP surgeries and hospitals.

One hospital we were happy to help was Whitworth Hospital, located in the town of our business HQ, Matlock. Being local to our offices, many of our team live in Matlock and have, in the past, required the use of Whitworth Hospital for treatment themselves.

After using the sign for a number of weeks, Susan White, Manager and Senior Emergency Nurse Practitioner commented, “The [sign] is clearly displayed to folks who are accessing the Whitworth via the front entrance. This gives people the information needed to make an informed choice about whether to access medical assessment via the 111 service or to self-present to UTC.”

Susan adds, “It also helps to reinforce to the public that A&E (Emergency Departments) is usually NOT the most appropriate place to attend with a minor injury or minor illness.”

The sign served an important function for Whitworth Hospital, bringing the advantage of clear messaging to their site at a time they needed it most, helping them control infection rates and reduce demand on their team. The benefit this brought will be felt not only to them, but also by the wider community.

Anne Ashman, Commercial and Operations Director at MVIS notes, “We always appreciate helping out our local community. MVIS have always tried to help out the local area at times of need, and during a pandemic is certainly a time of need. It’s brilliant that our HD Compact has brought benefit to Whitworth Hospital and we look forward to the opportunity of working with them again.”

For more information about how our signs can help other NHS sites, please contact us via our contact form.

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Information delivery continues to be vital

Throughout 2020, and even pre-dating the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic, leading Intelligent Transport Systems provider MVIS was working diligently on bringing new solutions to long standing challenges.

As MVIS broached new markets, little did the company realise how truly vital its solutions would be in a year that we all could not quite believe what we were experiencing at times. With several clients in the retail sector turning to MVIS for portable VMS solutions in 2020, the early parts of the year were very much deployments for some rather ‘regular’ reasons.

Whether it be delivering information to shopping centre visitors about overflow car parks or directing delivery drivers to the correct unit on an industrial park, the VMS deployed by MVIS were serving the purpose they always anticipated their solutions would serve.

From late March however, MVIS found itself deploying units for scenarios that it – like us all – never quite imagined.

Messages like ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ and ‘Protect the NHS’ had never before been seen, or needed to be seen across the UK’s highways in addition to our towns and cities.

The MVIS deployment of such messages, and indeed the units that display them, follows the same crowd control model more regularly seen by the company when providing portable VMS for events. The adaptable nature of both company and product alike provided a smooth transition into this realm of public notice, wayfinding and assistance for retailers.

One example of application comes in the form of queue management systems both in, and out of vehicles, which have both been implemented for public safety and delivery of customer information, as it has become of more paramount importance than ever.

VMS signs displaying reminders about wearing a mask and social distancing have become common parts of our lives, and the time between the UK’s first lockdown in March 2020, as well as the current one that we are all experiencing sees ever changing guidelines dependent on geographical region – as well as sector of industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has displayed the adaptability of these VMS solutions, and certainly increased the demand for them, as MVIS has added 70 new VMS units to its hire fleet, as well as 30 new Solar IP units over the last 12 months.

With the ability to control all units nationwide from its control room, MVIS has been able to respond to regional areas moving up or down the nation’s COVID-19 tier system with ease, carrying out the required notices in any particular area of the UK.

As we remain indoors, MVIS’ solutions continue to deliver vital information daily, and as we take hope from the news of vaccination from COVID-19, the company is now prepared to once more respond to regional requirements, as well as assist the retail sector as it hopefully gets back on its feet after another national lockdown.

Anne Ashman, MVIS’ UK Group Commercial and Operations Director told us:

“The situation we all find ourselves in is less than ideal to say the very least, but as a business we have actively put our minds to responding strongly, making the correct adaptations and serving our clients the only way we know how – with full energy and care.

“This has been in accordance with additional safety measures for our own team, ensuring we take every preventative measure we can think of, mitigating any workplace safety concerns to protect both the physical and mental wellbeing of our workforce.

“As we enter 2021 with hope due to the vaccine we are here, as ever, ready to deliver for our clients regardless of their need. Whether it be further COVID-19 safety bulletins or operational assistance, MVIS will be ready.”

COVID-19 National Lockdown ITS Support Package

MVIS’ COVID-19 National Lockdown ITS Support Package has been developed to assist local authorities with safety, messaging, traffic and crowd control during lockdown.

HD Compact VMS

Urban Areas, Pedestrian Information & Crowd Control

Ideal for urban areas and pedestrians, the solar powered HD Compact VMS is our smallest portable VMS unit. The bright, red and white LED display boasts a 20mm pixel pitch and makes an impact anywhere.

Perfect for wayfinding, building closures or important notices, the HD Compact offers a highly portable and easy to update solution for managing the movement and behaviour of pedestrians and drivers.


High Streets, Road Network & Traffic Control

Featuring a 5-colour LED display for text or pictograms, the solar powered VMS A and the larger VMS C are ideal solutions for communicating important COVID-19 safety messages and lockdown notices.

The 5-colour LED display can be used to emphasise emotive, impactful or direct messaging to influence and direct behaviour. Easy to update scrolling frames allow users to communciate complex and important notices to pedestrians and drivers alike.

Update messages quickly and remotely using web browser or mobile app, users can stay responsive to the situation as it changes, supporting your area throughout the pandemic.

Portable CCTV & ANPR

Traffic Control, Enforcement & Intelligence

Our solar powered, portable CCTV and ANPR allows you to have eyes on the ground and gather traffic information without having to physically be present. The use of CCTV and ANPR are well known traffic control and enforcement solutions that deliver solid results.

Our portable CCTV boasts low power demands, allowing it to perform to extended run times as a unit that is solar powered and has a much clearer image than seen in previous solutions on the market, even in low light.

Allowing users the ability to monitor sites, traffic and capture incidents, our CCTV is a low risk solution compared to having team members physically present on site.

Data Collection Solutions

Resource Allocation, Risk Management & Intelligence

Our Portable IVD (Individual Vehicle Data) radar serves as a traffic flow monitoring solution for multi-lane real time data. Ideal for traffic profiling, these radars can help provide intelligence that can inform on resource allocation and help to identify areas of risk.

All our VMS units also discreetly contain an integrated traffic data collection radar that can be used to collect data on single file traffic count, speed, time and date of travel.

This solution is a low cost alternative to many data collection solutions on the market and is ideal to be used as a data source for the analysis of trends, enabling greater intelligence for planning, reporting and identifying areas of risk.

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Variable Message Signs Offer COVID Vaccine Sites Control

The exciting news we have recently had regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, especially in the UK, has been met with a resounding cheer from the community and the business world alike. Finally, an end to all this madness is in sight. However, we’re not out of the woods just yet, and our approach to the beginning of the end of this whole ordeal will help shape just how far off the end is.

Delivering vaccinations in an organised and timely manner will be critical.

This is where we can help. MVIS have been helping local authorities all over the country this year with COVID messaging and signage for large audiences.

Offering solutions designed for traffic management, our solar powered ITS products have brought order and safety to highways, roads and events in the UK for nearly a decade and have continued to do so throughout the COVID pandemic.

Councils such as Bolton and Oxford have turned to our portable variable message signs to help inform and advise on COVID information to citizens. However, we have also seen our signs used in retail for applications such as click & collect and queue management, to advise on estimated wait times and keep customers informed.

As shown with flu vaccinations, our solar powered, portable electronic signs offer COVID vaccine sites an opportunity to advise patients of important information, minimising contact from another individual. Ideal for directing traffic or communicating with patients in their cars, our signs are a proven tool in safety and communication applications.

Displayed content can be updated quickly and easily using web browser or mobile app, by your team or ours, and signs are available in 3 different sizes, depending on the size of site and requirement.


Our signs however don’t just help with informing patients and drivers, they can also be productive through the data they collect, helping to inform on potential risks and identify opportunities. All our VMS units discretely contain a data collection radar that collect and report on trends regarding:

  • Speed
  • Dates
  • Times
  • Levels of traffic

Data uploads to our servers every hour and can be downloaded by users at any time. With a new venture such as this, data is one of our most important tools. To have access to trend data on levels of traffic can help site management to better plan and organise resources to accommodate peaks in demand, for example.

We also offer portable solar powered CCTV and ANPR, which may be helpful for vaccine sites for security applications, at a time where the COVID-19 vaccines are highly coveted, there may be a security risk involved in their delivery and storage.


With national coverage, our units can be deployed quickly to sites across the UK. Whether it’s queue management, traffic directing, COVID messaging, all or anything else, our portable message signs can help bring order and control to vaccinations sites just as they do to our road network. 

We offer a range of COVID-19 solutions using our portable variable message signs, CCTV and ANPR.

For more information about our solutions or if you would like to know more about how you can use our products to help with communicating information to the general public, please contact us via our contact form.

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Portable VMS help with Parking and Traffic management under COVID-19 Conditions

One familiar application of portable variable message signs (VMS) we have been seeing an increase in this year is for parking. As coronavirus has cast doubt and confusion on many aspects of life we used to take for granted, there has never been more need for clarity on our roads and in our car parks. This is where MVIS have been assisting; our portable VMS offer a range of traffic management benefits for applications like parking. 

During these times, certain buildings, shops and high streets may be closed, subject to different opening times or have different entry policies, all of which are useful to be informed of in car parks. Car parks are being increasingly utilised as a central point to communicate important information for general safety or regarding COVID guidelines. This is especially helpful in areas such as retail parks, where, as the situation changes, there may not be much clarity regarding which stores are open and which are not.

Car parks are an ideal location to deploy certain ITS units, such as our portable VMS or portable CCTV for any number of reasons. Working together, site managers can use the CCTV to monitor the car park even in low light. They can respond to situations as they occur using messages or pictograms displayed on the VMS, which can be updated quickly and easily using a mobile device or web browser. 

Especially important for retail and local authorities, car parks offer an important opportunity to convey important information to drivers and pedestrians. This opportunity can even be utilised as a service, in being used as part of a socially distanced or contact free click and collect service, or a patient call out system for hospitals, for example.


For more information about our solutions or if you would like to know more about how you can use our products to help with crowd control, social distancing or queue management, please contact us via our contact form.

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MVIS Continues to support Local Authorities with ITS technology in a return to Tier System

The pressure is on for everyone right now to keep infection rates as low as possible. With COVID-19 tearing a hole through 2020, we all look to Christmas for some slight reprieve from the isolating and fearful conditions that this year has brought us. As everyone does their bit in this fight, local authorities focus on trying to spread the right message rather than the virus, with information being one of the main tools we have to overcome this.

Local authorities all over the UK are turning to MVIS to help, our portable ITS technology offers solutions to these specific range of issues we are having now, from crowd control to site management. Our variable message signs (VMS) can be deployed in key areas to maximise the impact of messages, which can be changed quickly and easily by your team or ours, allowing you to keep up to date as the guidelines change.

Depending on the tier your local authority is in, we can recommend certain products to be used that will help to de-escalate the situation. For example, Tier 3, ‘Very High’ is the most serious and therefore may call for the use of our wider product range. VMS, ANPR and CCTV maybe deployed to help at this level of severity, each tackling a different application.

Areas in Tier 2 may look to deploy our VMS to prevent the escalation into Tier 3 using emotive and impactful messages, such as the ones seen in Bolton just prior to the Tier system being introduced.

Tier 1, Medium alert, is currently the lowest used tier. This tier will likely be most used as infection rates go down, marking an improvement in the situation. However, that is a critical time in management of the virus and whilst local authorities may look to decrease their measures, it would be a bad time to remove them. Therefore, we still recommend a level of portable VMS support to remind people to not lose their focus.

To learn more about how MVIS can help you spread the right information in your community rather than the virus in the lead up to the Christmas period, please contact us via our contact form.

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ITS Technology for Distribution Centres

This year has brought challenges for shoppers and retailers alike, with the heavy focus on online shopping and panic buying in 2020, distribution centres across the UK are busier than ever.

On top of this increased workload, distribution centres, like the rest of the world are also having to work under COVID-19 conditions, that brings with it issues such as social distancing, mandatory PPE and increased infection control measures unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes.

Distribution centres are not only charged with the duty of getting our online orders to us and stock deliveries to retail stores, but they have to do so safely for the best interests of their employees and the general public. Due to the nature of a distribution centre’s activity, infection control is an important aspect of their business, as drivers are transporting goods, often all over the country. This raises a big question into responsibility for the safety of incoming drivers and outgoing drivers, as well as for any retail staff and end users handling or unpackaging the products being delivered.

Along with several industries, distribution and logistics companies from all over the UK have turned to MVIS this year to help them with this new responsibility. Using our portable, solar powered Variable Message Signs, distribution centres can take responsible steps when it comes to informing visitors and employees about the COVID-19 measures that the business has in place.

Our signs are proven traffic management solutions, allowing for the communication of often vital safety information to drivers. This can be especially effective for distribution centres, who deal with a stream of incoming and outgoing traffic. Whilst for traffic management applications, this information is often in relation to road works or delays, for distribution centres, this information under the current circumstances is taking the form of COVID-19 information and guidelines for entering the building grounds.

One example of a successful application of our portable VMS is at the Amazon distribution centre in Doncaster. This distribution centre required one of our VMS-C units to help manage incoming driver’s conduct as they arrive onsite to best ensure the safety of their staff.

Not only was this sign used to help enforce social distancing, but Amazon also identified the unique capability of our portable VMS to display multiple messages that can be changed quickly and easily using web browser or our mobile app. As result, Amazon were able to display other safety messages as well as COVID-19 related messages to offer a well-rounded solution that offer exactly what they needed for their traffic management.

For more information about how MVIS can help distribution centres with their traffic management and informing employees or visitors of safety information, please contact us via our contact form.

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Variable Message Signs offer COVID Solutions to Retail

As we make our way through yet another COVID-19 lockdown in England, we are finding an increase in applications for our technology across many new industries. One of these industries is retail, who’s task of keeping the nation fed is proving more and more difficult with social distancing and lockdown conditions imposed.

As a result, stores around the country are adapting, installing measures to help enforce social distancing as well as for a range of other requirements. Needs related to increased demand with Click and Collect, new queuing systems and even communicating specific information such as ‘card payments only’ have become a huge priority for these businesses.  

Possibly the biggest issue logistically that retail stores currently have is in relation to queue management. It is a well-known occurrence that increased queue time can also increase frustration and anxiety in customers, which is not ideal customer psychology, especially when shoppers are already anxious and nervous.

Providing waiting customers with estimated queue wait times has already been proven successful in traffic management applications and the events industry, however it’s not usually an issue faced by the retail industry. With this in mind, our new Queue Management Solution offers the retail industry a solid solution under COVID-19 conditions using our range of VMS.

The Queue Management Solution uses our dual-colour HD Compact VMS (variable message sign) to communicate queue wait times to waiting customers in conjunction with our solar powered VMS-A to communicate information to drivers. The HD Compact’s portability and small footprint makes it an ideal queue management solution, especially in areas where space is limited. When placed strategically along the side of the queue, stores can keep customers informed and manage their expectations to help minimise frustration before customers enter the premises.

Queue management can also be achieved using the VMS-A in areas with more space. Whilst the HD Compact’s selling point is its small size, the VMS-A allows for more complex messages and may also reach a larger number of customers due to its size, making it ideal for car parks and larger stores. Such messages may encompass new store opening times, the store’s social distancing policy or other important information.

The use of the VMS-A in this solution can also help to keep customers informed every step of the way with their visit, being able to be used for a wide range of aspects such as traffic control and pedestrian marshalling.

One of the most innovative uses however has been found in the support of increased demand of Click and Collect, which, in the absence of any customer information, can descend into chaos easily. Using our web-based platform, site managers can update the sign’s message within seconds to call forward the next customer when their order is ready.

Whilst we learn to deal with COVID-19 both as an economy and as a society, more technological solutions will be employed to help us deal with the hostile circumstances we find ourselves in. This solution, and those we have developed alongside it, represents a step change in how we continue to use our technology to keep Britain informed during a time when information is of critical importance.

For more information about our solutions or if you would like to know more about how you can use our products to help with social distancing or queue management, please contact us via our contact form.

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Looking after mental well-being during the 2nd Lockdown

At the start of November 2020, England entered into its 2nd national lockdown this year in response to COVID-19. Presenting issues for workplaces all over the country, one of the big issues for employers is keeping morale up at a very difficult time for everyone.

MVIS and Bartco UK continue to prioritise our team’s mental health through the implementation of a number of initiatives that we have continued to adhere to throughout the pandemic, meaning that when the 2nd lockdown was called, we were ready with our existing initiatives and lockdown procedures.

Since ‘working from home’ was mandated earlier in the year, the office staff at MVIS and Bartco UK have all had a daily morning briefing over Teams, discussing the day’s goals and allowing us to remain responsive to the situation as it changes – an important strategy under the current circumstances where the news is changing rapidly.

One of the lockdown procedures we have in place is our employee ‘COVID-19 care packages’, delivered right to staff member’s doors. Packages contain soap, tea bags, hand sanitizer, tissues and even a few goodies in there to help keep spirits up.

care packs

With Christmas right around the corner we are also well under way planning a virtual Christmas party for us that promises to be a fantastic festive break from all the doom and gloom that 2020 has brought.

We continue to prioritise our staff’s well-being throughout this time and will be monitoring things closely over the next lockdown with continual feedback and improvement regarding our policies.

One of the aspects we are currently examining is our approach to working times, in the hope that we can allow members of the team to enjoy more time outside during the day in winter, promoting the natural production of Vitamin D, which is widely reported to serve as a vital ingredient in our body’s response to the virus.

We will remain flexible in our approach to work in general throughout this, staying in touch and responsive to the situation so we don’t let our team down at this most critical time.


MVIS Launches New COVID Solutions

As the situation with COVID-19 intensifies, the UK government have moved to a strategy of sectioning off areas into Tiers, 1,2 and 3, each one used to denote a more severe level of threat from infection from the virus in that given area. Countries within the UK are also going down a different route, with Wales and Scotland deviating from the English Tier system with their own approaches to the situation that best suits their country. 

In response to this, MVIS have developed new packages that aim to assist Local Authorities and the devolved countries with the uphill struggle they face in helping to get some control of the situation. 

The first is our COVID-19 ITS Support Packages. Developed to help councils across the UK communicate and manage their COVID-19 Tier status to residents and visitors.

Comprised of a combination of portable ITS technology applied at different Tier levels, these packages are being offered to assist local authorities who are undoubtedly struggling, as we all are, with the uphill battle against the virus. 

COVID-19 ITS Support Packages

We are also offering our VMS as solutions for Gateway Tier Status management between local authorities, as well as management of traffic between the national borders of England, Scotland and Wales, as each devolved nation enters into its own approach to deal with COVID-19. 

COVID-19 Tier Gateway Management Solutions

COVID-19 National Border Management Solutions

These solutions are effective answers to many  safety problems that are currently an issue right now. As the UK government takes an increasingly localised approach to combatting the virus, localised information strategically deployed in key hot spots can be an effective way to communicate vital and specific advice to residents and visitors about the area’s COVID-19 status or policy, ideal for councils hoping to use one of the best tools we have against the virus at the moment – information. This is especially important as we head towards Christmas, a time where many people traditionally travel and shop, presenting a major issue to 

For more information about our solutions or if you would like to know more about how you can use our products to help with communicating information to the general public, please contact us via our contact form.

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COVID-19 National Border Management Solutions

MVIS’ COVID-19 National Border Management Solutions assist devolved governments with managing and communicating their COVID-19 policy to drivers and pedestrians travelling over national borders.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

As a tried and tested traffic / crowd control solution, our portable VMS are used by councils, Highways England and many traffic management groups to communicate vital information and safety messages all over the UK.

Featuring a 5-colour LED display for text or pictrograms, the VMS-A and the larger VMS-C are ideal solutions for communicating your country’s COVID-19 policy as visitors travel over the border.

Versatile and requiring no external power source, our VMS range boasts the highest quality LEDs and are known to be reliable solutions within the industry.

Messages can be updated remotely by your team or ours, via a web-based portal that can publish changes in seconds, allowing you to respond to the situation as it changes.

We boast the largest fleet of portable VMS in the UK and we have experience working on most major schemes and events.

Data Collection

All our VMS units discreetly contain a data collation radar that can be used to collect traffic data such as single file traffic count, speed, time and the date.

This solution offers users a low-cost alternative to many data collection solutions on the market and is ideal to be used as a data source for the analysis of trends. This enables greater intelligence for planning, reporting and identifying areas of risk, allowing for a better allocation of resources.

Collecting traffic data has never been more important and it’s never been easier, with data uploading to our server every hour, ready to be downloaded at any time by the user via a web-based portal.

Solar Powered ANPR

ANPR offers a firm solution to monitor traffic between national borders. Often used in enforcement applications with great success, our units are solar powered and portable, allowing for responsive redeployment in areas of the highest concern.

Integrating the industry leading ANPR processor with a state of the art dual camera imaging system, this product can auto-detect vehicles as they pass its field of view.

It may also be linked to an external trigger to enable weigh in motion capture or other applications where certain types of vehicles require identification.

Versatile and operating in all weather and lighting conditions, this solar powered ANPR solution may be configured to read characters in formats issues by all countries.

It operates in darkness through the use of cost-effective pulsed LED illumination that can either be left visible or made covert.

Solar Powered CCTV

Our portable CCTV allows you to have eyes on the ground without having to physically be present. The visible presence of CCTV is well known to influence behaviour and help enforce rules.

When used in conjunction with our VMS, these units create a surveillance and feedback solution that can be used to monitor driver and pedestrian movement between borders without having to be on-site.

Our trailer-mounted CCTV system incorporates Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) and the latest video technology, delivering excellent frame rates – even in poor signal areas.

For more information about our solutions or if you would like to know more about how you can use our products to help with communicating information to the general public, please contact us via our contact form.

Alternatively, you can email us via

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