A Familiar Face Departs, A New Face is Welcomed

Here at MVIS, we are no strangers to change. Over the last 18 months, we have seen significant changes to our products and the way we do business.

Over this time, we have welcomed many new faces to the team – and soon we will be bidding farewell to one of our management team, Dom Bridge.

Moving on to pastures new in a different industry after 8 and a half years, Dom has worked with MVIS for his whole career, starting with us as an apprentice on our first apprenticeship scheme, working his way up to Operations Manager back in 2020. During his time with us, Dom has achieved a lot, such as his Chartered Manager Level 5 qualification, after 6 years of applying himself to both his job and multiple courses.

Offering opportunities that have allowed Dom to channel his commitment to his own personal growth, as well as that of the company, is something that we are incredibly proud of at MVIS and always will be.

We will also be very thankful to Dom for the many years of service he has given us during the start of his career – indeed, the years he has worked with us will go on to shape the rest of his life, and the growth of MVIS has undoubtedly been shaped in part thanks to Dom and his commitment. 

Dom has been a big part of our MVIS family over the years and his presence will be missed. 

We wish him the very best of luck in his future endeavours and we all hope he sees every success in his career.

As a familiar face departs, a new face is welcomed; MVIS are proud to be taking on a new members of the team.

Sean Gardner – Office Manager

Our newest appointment, Sean Gardner brings with him years of experience in Office Management, as well as the skills that go with this.

As a new role within the company, Sean will be helping with the overall management of the office team, providing assistance to Anne Ashman, our UK Group Commercial and Operations Director, as well as supporting the Customer Relations, Sales and Operations team.

Sean’s organisation skills, calm demeanour and experience in his field makes him ideal for the role.

We are all looking forward to the future and seeing the ways that Sean will help our business grow as time goes on.

Anne Ashman comments, “It’s always sad to see a highly valued member of the team move on to new opportunities, but this presents exciting new opportunities for us too. No one is the finished article and that includes the company as a whole. We have invested in Dom’s development over many years and as a result, we have worked alongside a fantastic member of the team who has brought so much to us all, from training other staff members to helping to build systems that we use every day. I have watched Dom develop professionally from an apprentice to the manager that he is today and I am incredibly proud of our part in that.” 

Anne continues, “Welcoming new members to the team as we grow is an exciting time for everyone. New employees bring new ideas, new skills and new perspectives sometimes from different industries, helping us serve our customers in the best way possible. The future is exciting for us as new staff appointments mark a significant milestone for our team. We welcome Sean with a big MVIS hello and we look forward to working with him.”