Hire colour solar powered mobile variable message signs from MVIS for events anywhere in the UK. The five colour functionality of our variable message signs make them ideal for sporting fixtures, stadium events and festivals.

Events and Festival Signage – keep people where you want them to be and keep them informed with the latest information with an Event VMS. Last minute changes? React quickly to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Festival VMS have huge impact, helping to manage crowds and promote event safety by providing up-to-date information and crucial traffic management support both to and from an event. Hire mobile colour VMS from MVIS and you’ll be able to update event signage instantly by SMS text which means you can react quickly and effectively to any changes in circumstances.

Solar powered colour mobile variable message event signs add visual impact to special promotions and can be used to increase brand awareness. Whether your need is for advertising and sponsorship deals, displaying event or festival information, promoting a brand or managing traffic, our innovative colour variable message signs are designed to attract attention.