Hire Mobile Colour VMS

Hire mobile VMS from MVIS. We distribute a wide range of innovative colour mobile variable message signs across the UK. Manufactured by Bartco UK, our five colour matrix signs offer the choice and flexibility of using red, green, blue and white in addition to standard amber and the resulting high-impact coloured displays facilitate rapid motorist response.

MVIS’ mobile VMS signs can present Chapter 8/MS4 style pictograms as well as text. In our experience, conspicuously coloured images are quickly interpreted by motorists, including foreign drivers, who do not always understand text.

At MVIS we work closely with our customers and partners and we’re dedicated to producing the best product to match your needs. Our five colour matrix displays are ideal for traffic management, accident information, event organisation and brand advertisement.

Available for hire throughout the UK via a nationwide network of 21 depots, temporary VMS can be quickly deployed to provide urgent traffic management solutions.

We supply a wide range of colour mobile variable message signs in different sizes; VMS-A and VMS-C. The technology that supports our VMS range includes; single plug and play control module, autonomous solar charging system and a high bright, low power consuming LED display. All the VMS available from hire from MVIS are Highways Agency approved (TR2516B).

Our customers hire VMS for a range of applications including traffic management on major road improvement schemes, urban street works, school zones, road safety campaigns and anywhere that speed enforcement is required, as well as for event management and brand advertising. The VMS are versatile, easy to set up and operate and highly reliable under all conditions.

Features at a glance:

  • Full graphics and animations
  • Non glare, UV resistant polycarbonate
  • Speed radar device – can display and log vehicle speeds
  • Security features – satellite tracking, SMS tamper alarm
  • Highest quality LEDs
  • Solar powered/environmentally friendly
  • Programming options – laptop on site, via modem, SMS or internet



Hire mobile colour VMS-A for inner city and urban works or for roads with speed zones up to 50mph. With a caravan style support stand for a secure footprint, the VMS-A although small in size offers a wealth of technology...

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Hire mobile colour VMS-C from MVIS for use on all roads – particularly where speeds are greater than 60mph.Versatile, easy to set up and operate and with a fully autonomous solar charging system, the VMS-C will operate continually under recommended...

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Web Studio


Hire mobile colour VMS from MVIS and you can use Web Studio™ to instantly communicate traffic situations from any Wi-Fi enabled Apple device including laptops, iPhones and iPads. Its sophisticated remote technology allows the user to survey a map of where...

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MVIS offers a range of options to meet most needs and budgets. Contact us today to find out how our innovative solutions can help your business.

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