Journey Time Solution (JTS)

Hire MVIS’ ANPR Journey Time Solution (JTS) for a comprehensive, cost-effective and stand-alone solution for short-term road works projects.

Incorporating the latest software and hardware technology, it was developed in response to interest from a leading infrastructure services supplier and reflects MVIS’ on-going dedication to developing innovative ITS solutions in partnership with public and private sector traffic management organisations.

MVIS’ JTS enables road users to make informed decisions about how to minimise journey disruption, warning of delays and advising of their extent, providing users with the opportunity to take an alternative route if necessary. It incorporates a VMS of either size, two Jenoptik Vector integrated ANPR cameras, MVIS’ Web Studio™ sign management software and two of MVIS’ Solar Intelligent Platforms (IP).

The VMS-A sign and first Solar IP are deployed towards the entry to the road works and second Solar IP in advance of an exit. Journey time information gathered using the Vector cameras is transmitted via a cloud server, and Web Studio™ is used to display the details on the sign, allowing road users to decide whether to endure the road works or take the exit to embark on a diversion.

Available for hire throughout the UK, it is portable and can be quickly and easily installed without the need for civil engineering or external power provision.

Vector Integrated ANPR Camera

Camera sensors


  • Sensor type and size:  Sony Progressive Scan 1/3 inch
  • Format and resolution:  Digital, 15fps, 1360 x 1024
  • Field of view:  Up to 5 metres at specified range
  • IR filter:  70nm narrow band pass filter


  •  Sensor type and size:  Sony Progressive Scan 1/3 inch
  • Format and resolution:  Digital, 15fps, 1024 x 768
  • Field of view:  Lens selected to suit application



  • Wavelength options:  white, yellow, 880nm IR, 940nmm IR
  • Source:  high power LED array


  • ANPR:  integrated high performance Vysionics Hawk system
  • Communications:  LAN and integrated 3G or IEEE802.11n
  • Time:   Integrated GPS receiver


  • Operating temperature:  -10oC to 500C
  • Power supply:   18-24V ac/dc
  • Weight and dimensions:   3.8kg, 230mm x 177mm x 125mm (exclude sunshield)
  • Rating:   IP66

VMS-A Display

  • Display type:  LED full matrix
  • Display size:  1610 x 1040mm
  • Communication:  GSM, SMS, internet, satellite, web-based, Bluetooth, serial
  • Matrix: 48 x 28
  • Enclosure:  aluminium IP54 equivalent
  • Screen:  non-glare UV polycarbonate
  • Brightness control:  automatic, 150 brightness levels
  • Display lifting:  electro-hydraulic lift

Solar Intelligent Platform (IP)


  • Length (overall):  2050mm
  • Width (operating position):  2000mm
  • Height (travel position):  1950mm
  • Height (max operating position):  5000mm
  • Weight:  690kg


  • Power voltage:  12v
  • Solar panels:  2 x 250 watt panels
  • Batteries:  12 volt – 1000 AH deep cycle (4 x 250 A/H)
  • Solar Controller:  20 amp regulator
  • Operation:  batteries/solar

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