Intellicone Sentry VMS

MVIS offers for hire the Intellicone® Sentry VMS which is designed to integrate seamlessly with MVIS’ sister company Bartco UK’s range of colour mobile variable message signs.

The Sentry is a contactless sensor that can be positioned to detect vehicles or personnel and then uses this information as a trigger to wirelessly activate a nearby MVIS sign or Intellicone Portable Site Alarm. It can be hired in conjunction with CCTV providing a real time recording capability in response to a triggering event.

Technical Spec

The Sentry has a line of sight range of at least 50 meters* and communicates wirelessly with an Intellicone TMU controller fitted to the MVIS VMS. The TMU can be set to control the time duration of messages displayed on the sign and includes an override button that lets a user activate the sign.

* Distance can be extended to several hundred meters, please contact us for details.

Applications Include

• site entrance (such as site protocols and speed limit)

• site egress (such as providing a dynamic ‘works vehicles merging’ alert)

• over-height warning (warning over-height vehicles they are nearing an over-height structure).



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