ITS Solutions

Bluetooth JTS

MVIS’ newly developed Bluetooth Journey Time system utilises Bluetooth and Wi-Fi information from passing traffic to calculate average journey times. These are then displayed on any number of MVIS’ variable message signs (VMS), VMS-A and VMS-C, to inform road users of any journey disruption, providing them with the opportunity to take an alternative route.

Developed to provide a quicker and more cost effective solution to the traditional journey time solution, the Bluetooth detectors can be fitted on and run from the VMS’s solar / battery power supplies meaning that no additional plant is required. Primarily designed for short term deployment where traditional ANPR Journey Time solutions were not viable due to the set up time. Bluetooth JT enabled VMS can be deployed as easily as a standard VMS with the configuration carried out remotely, making it ideal for overnight diversion routes.

Alternatively the system can be used for longer deployment where the provision of power is an issue.

Key Features

Bluetooth Scanner Key Features

  • Portable and easy installation
  • Range of mounts and brackets available
  • Data transmitted to cloud server providing real-time view of diversion impacts
  • Capable of detecting Bluetooth and WiFi ids up to 70mph
  • Able to identify safety issues in real-time such as incidents that impact on journey time reliability
  • Low power consumption


VMS-C Key Features

  • Text and pictograms
  • Non-glare, UV resistant polycarbonate
  • Speed radar device – can display and log vehicle speeds
  • Security features – satellite tracking
  • Highest quality LEDs
  • Solar powered / environmentally friendly
  • Plug and play controller and LED modules
  • Programming options – laptop on site, modem, SMS, internet or app
  • Windows based software

Technical Specifications

VMS-C Trailer EU Type Approved

Overall length: 4050mm

Travel position: width 1980mm, height 2680mm

Operating position: width 2730mm, max height 4030mm

Weight: 1020kg

Coupling: 40mm towing eye / quick release, 50mm ball

VMS-C Display

Display Type: LED full matrix

Display Size: 2730mm x 1850mm

Communication: SMS, internet, satellite, web based, serial

Matrix: 48 x 28

Enclosure: Aluminium IP54 equivalent

Screen: Non-glare UV polycarbonate

Brightness Control: Automatic and manual

Display Lifting: Hydraulic lift system

VMS-C Power

Voltage: 12V

Solar Panels: 2 x tilt and rotate 240w panels

Batteries: 3 x 12V deep cycle 200A

Solar Controller: Dual Victron MPPT

Operation on batteries / solar: Indefinite under recommended conditions