ITS Solutions

Auto Detect

Auto Detect is an exciting development of MVIS’ existing Intellicone range of products.

A Master Traffic Management Unit (TMU) takes a trigger from an external device, such as the red light on a traffic light signal, and in turn, activates a message on any number of Intellicone enabled variable message signs (VMS) via the GPRS network.

When the trigger is released the VMS returns to a blank screen or a default message. A delay can also be added between the trigger being released and the VMS returning to its default message or a blank screen.

Key Features

  • A Master TMU is powered from a 12 volt battery or from any MVIS VMS
  • The trigger can be a 12 volt DC or a normally open dry contact
  • Any of MVIS’ Intellicone equipped VMS can be used to display the message
  • Any number of VMS can be linked to a single Master TMU
  • GPRS communication means no limit on distance between devices
  • Message activation only takes a couple of seconds
  • VMS can switch between two messages or a blank screen and an Auto Detect activated message
  • The messages are set via MVIS’ Web Studio
  • All activations are logged in order to provide an audit trail if required