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Variable Messaging Signs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How are the VMS programmed? A – The VMS are programmed remotely using our more >

Hire mobile colour VMS and a wide range of innovative mobile and solar powered monitoring and visual information systems from Mobile Visual Information Systems (MVIS) Ltd.

Our products provide fast, flexible, cost effective temporary solutions for the traffic sector as part of the growing demand for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS solutions), including colour mobile variable message signs, CCTV, ANPR and radar solutions.

Our solar powered colour mobile variable messaging signs offer more choice, more colours and more impact to get your message across instantly, whether you are a traffic management company managing an incident on the motorway, an events organiser promoting a major event or festival, or you just need to advertise your brand quickly and effectively.

To hire mobile VMS or for more information or call 01629 580 570 or send us an email